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The Farm


One of New Zealand's oldest Organic Farms

Aotea Organic Farm is a 400+ acre organic/biodynamic farm situated on the edge of the  Kaipara Harbour, one hour northwest of Auckland. We have been pioneering world class organic farming practices for over 30 years.

Aotea Farm is unique and diverse with a range of species and habitats beyond traditional pastures. The virtually free-roaming sheep, cattle & emu are stress free, enjoying few boundaries and pastures of the highest purity. An exclusive Dung Beetle operation works to further enhance the soil.


The property is also home to forests, crop plantations, beaches, waterways, ponds and fish farm where the wild mullet breed on the harbour's edge; providing fertiliser to the farm's crops.


Due to its exceptional sustainability and integrity in chemical-free farming, Aotea Organics has been awarded the prestigious Hua Parakore label.



Kaipara Harbour

Diversity in Harmony

Our diverse species of animal and plant life include:

  • Angus Cattle

  • Sheep & Lamb

  • Dung Beetle Breeding

  • Free Range Chickens

  • Jersey Cattle

  • Turkey

  • Wild Geese

  • Wild Grey Mullet Fish

  • Honey Bees

  • Grapes

  • Macadamia

  • Persimmon

  • Plums

  • Pine

  • Bana Grass

  • Fruits & Vegetables

Organic Grass-fed
Organic Grass-fed
Organic New Zealand
Organic New Zealand
Organic New Zealand


AsureQuality Organic Certification

The Asure Quality Organic Standard certifies and approves products, production units and manufacturers, assuring consumers that the product they're buying is 100% organic. Organic audits are commonly performed on livestock farms, horticultural properties, apiarists, aquaculture farms and processors as well as on 'inputs' such as fertilisers. Asure Quality is a participant in the Official Organic Assurance Programme and IFOAM accredited.

Hua Parakore

Aotea Organics has now qualified as a  prestigious Hua Parakore Grower.  Indigenous systems of food production such as Hua Parakore are becoming recognised internationally for their sustainability. producing  culturally and environmentally responsible food and medicine. Hua Parakore production and practices are free from Genetic Modification, nanotechnology, chemicals and pesticides and ensure product purity and integrity that is congruent with Māori cultural practices. 

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